Foldable dancing flats for memorable parties


Discover the perfect solution to keep on dancing, even when the uncomfortable heels start to get in the way.

… but what exactly are the replacement foldable flats?

Our foldable ballet flats are the ideal replacement shoes for the ladies who want to keep on dancing but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort and well-being of their feet. They can be worn as a stylish alternative to heels and are created to offer a perfect balance between style and functionality.

Choose the right option for you!

Want to offer them to your wedding guests and have the dance floor full?

Choose GUESTS KIT with 20 pairs each!

bailarines bridesmaids kit

Want to gift the bridesmaids?

Choose BRIDESMAIDS KIT with 12 pairs each!

bailarines bridesmaids kit

Want to give them to the special ladies in your life (mother, sister etc) or do you take them for yourself?

Choose customizable SINGLE KIT!

Don’t you need them right away?

Place a pre-order and take advantage of the discount!

Why choose BAILARINES?

ZUltimate comfort after heels

Your feet will feel great no matter how much you dance.

ZA full dancefloor, all night

Why have guests sitting at the table? Give them Bailarines and extend the fun. They will surely talk about this surprise even after the event!

ZAttention to details

Each pair of ballet flats comes with a hair bow tie (you never know when you’ll need one!) and a heel bag. Practical and elegant!

ZCompact and reusable

Foldable and easy to store, they fit into any party clutch, so they can be reused at any time.

ZMemorable gift or wedding favor

Our kits are a special gift for brides or guests, and can be personalized.


To date, +7000 feet and several dozen brides have thanked us and would recommend Bailarines to any wedding!

#Celebrities who chose us!

What do Gina Pistol, Alina Ceușan, Vlăduța Lupău, Cleopatra Stratan, Irina Manea, Mălina Avasiloaie, Codruța Filip, Larisa Udilă, Sensy, Gabriela Oțil, Marinela Bezer or Michaela Berdaga have in common? They all chose Bailarines for their wedding or an important party in their life!



Your big day happens once in a lifetime, so make it memorable. Dance the night away and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Our box is elegant and refined, harmoniously complementing the decor. Decide where to place it, open it and, thus, you are ready for the most beautiful night.

The details you will love: the heel bags, the satin hair bow ties and the design of the box that will help your guests easily find the right size of the flats.

“They were a sensation, much appreciated! I had 3 boxes and not a single pair was left. The flats are super qualitative and beautiful, and the bags and hair bows are a very well-thought detail. I will recommend you for sure!”
Gabriela Manea


“I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I bought 5 boxes of flats, but we had 300 guests and there wasn’t a pair left!!!! All the girls got flats, I even needed more of them. Gorgeous, comfortable, the girls danced all night with them, wonderful! Thank you very much!”
Mihaela Sontica


“The flats box was a real investment. First of all, all the pairs were taken out of the box immediately and the dance floor was full non-stop! Most of all, I wanted the ladies to be able to have fun with all of us, and that’s what happened! And myself as the bride I was lucky with the flats from Bailarines because they were my savior exchange pair in which I hopped continuously. I can definitely say that a box of ballerinas is a must have for events! Thank you again!
Vlada Grecu


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